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A day in the life of a Growth Hacker

Mohd Danish works on MedCords‘ Growth team, overseeing content management, Social Media Marketing, Apps Store Optimisation, Paid Advertisement, Product Marketing, and Product Management. See what a Growth Hacker like Danish does each day.

9:00 am: Danish wakes ups every day and checks all the communication channels including email, Slack or even WhatsApp and only replies over P1 tasks.

10:30 am: Reached office and reply to every nonprioritized task over email or slack. Afterward, He thoroughly checks on the analytics of all the campaigns he started yesterday.

11:30 am: Open up his social media, See the organic performance. Schedule the post for the next day or cycle. Open up the performance sheet and update it. Compare the previous result and plan accordingly.

1:00 pm: Open up his LinkedIn and other Marketing Community group to discuss and learn something new. He never misses on this one and provides himself sufficient time to learn anything excited.

3:00 pm: Have a Sync up with his team, troubleshoot their problem, discuss every possible solution and freeze out the best one. This is a little bit challenging and might be a gamechanger as you can’t expect a particular result from a particular strategy. Sometimes, sure shot practices fail horribly and sometimes a single simple move changes the entire growth sheet.

4:00 pm: A Quick overview of the entire day and a brief report to himself so that he will have an idea of his learning curve.

4:30 pm: Another Sync up with the founding member and report them all the results and discuss upcoming strategy and future goals and how he will achieve them and how did he pick up the numbers.

6:00 pm: Complete Auditing of all the campaigns and compare all the test and update the report. If something doesn’t work at all call the team for quick sync up and discuss the failure. Set the Agenda for next day sync up and motivate the team to move forward.

7:00 pm: Make all the changes (Product as well as Marketing) live or scheduled according to the plan and pack the bag to hit the couch.

8:00 pm: Netflix and Chill, have a video call with his nephew and relax his mind to the next task.

10:00 pm: Reevaluate the entire day, look out for things that he missed today, troubleshoot for bottlenecked tasks and hit the bed for a quick nap.

11:00 pm: (In Deep Sleep), Dream about the next goal, troubleshoot the unsolved equations, Do the feasibility test for the solution and recharge his body for the next day!

This is a typical day of a Growth Hacker, the timing might vary but the activities remains the same

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